Classes of Membership

Membership of FCP consist of five classes of membership:

  • Adult Member - Parent/Guardian or Caretaker - at least 18 years of age
  • Enrolled Child - participating class-age child
  • Participating Tagalong - a sibling class-age or older as of October 1
  • Non-participating Tagalong - a sibling under class-age but over the age of 12 months as of October 1
  • Infants - a sibling under 12 months as of October 1

Cooperative Obligation

In order to keep costs reasonable, FCP membership includes an obligation to assist in the cooperative nature of the group, as FCP is a parent-run, volunteer organization with no paid employees. This obligation is fulfilled by actively participating in a committee and leading class as assigned.

Orientation Night

Members are required to attend Orientation Night in September. This is an opportunity to meet the other parents in the class and to receive important information regarding your responsibilities. This meeting is for adults only.

Class Leaders

Members take turns creating lessons that reflect the curriculum, lead the class in the activities, plan a craft, supply a snack, and clean up the classroom prior to dismissal. Craft supplies, educational resources, and learning toys and aides are provided.

Committee Responsibilities

Each member is required to assist on a committee that takes about 3-5 hours a year. This participation helps to fulfill your cooperative obligation and allows for an enjoyable experience for you and your child. You may express your interest in a committee on the registration form, but the ultimate decision is made by the registrar to ensure each committee is represented in each class. The committees include: Publicity, Property, Hospitality, Fundraising and Field Trips.


Fundraising provides necessary income to supplement our reasonably priced tuition in order to cover normal operating expenses. Our organization is non-profit; therefore, any funds raised are applied to space rental, services and events in the same year. The children reap the benefit of these funds through the various entertainment scheduled throughout the year and the Family Fun Day in the spring.

Volunteer Positions

There is always an opportunity to volunteer for a leadership role with Family Circle Playgroup. Volunteer members are general members who would like to contribute their time and energy to FCP and receive half price tuition in return for their service.

Class Coordinators: Class Coordinators are general members who volunteer to organize individual classes, provide leading rotations, run Mother's Meetings, communicate FCP announcements, and oversee class activities. This very important role includes enforcing FCP policies and creating a positive classroom environment so that all members may have a rewarding experience. The Coordinator communicates with the FCP Board through the Assistant Director.

Committee Chairs: Committee Chairs organize and direct their committee in its function and the members in their responsibilities. These members attend board meetings prior to and during the school year and communicate information from those meetings to the committee members. The role requires organizational, communication and people skills as well as a dedication to serving FCP. These positions are not as demanding as the Executive Board positions, but they are equally as important in assuring that the organization runs smoothly. The Chair positions include: Public Relations, Property, Hospitality, Fundraising, and Field Trips. If you are interested in volunteering, please email for more information.

Executive Board: These members are the backbone of the organization and keep FCP running smoothly by working year-round. They handle all the administrative work of FCP - State Regulations, Tax Filings, IRS Contracts, Church Contracts, Fire Safety Regulations, Insurance Policies, By-Laws, and all the paperwork involved in running a cooperative of our size. These members attend Board Meetings prior to and during the school year. The Executive Board positions include: Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, and Publicity. If you would like to play a larger role in FCP, perhaps one of these positions is right for you. Please email for further information.